Official Statement has always stood for truth, and not just the historical truth of open wheel racing in North America, but also the truth about how we feel about it. For over 14 years has discussed the creation of the IRL as the power play it plainly was. All the “ideals” that Tony George laid out were a smokescreen, his only goal to gain ultimate control over all North American open wheel racing. He has finally succeeded in realizing that goal, but at such a terrible cost.

The IRL era destroyed North American open wheel racing, leaving behind an empty shell of what we once loved. Tony George may have finally won the war, but the earth is so scorched, that it will take years for Open Wheel racing to gain any traction in the general racing fan's mind -- if it ever does. The current formula being used by the IRL is not just the most dangerous, but quite possibly the ugliest, most foul sounding formula ever devised for racing in the world. The majority of the tracks that Tony George has chosen to race his series on are not suitable by any means for top-tier open wheel race cars or their drivers. They lack simple safety precautions and standards. recognizes these facts, and will continue to champion the truth about what has become of open wheel racing in North America. We will not allow the present situation to blind us to the truth that, as we watch today, the "IndyCar series" isn't taken seriously by anyone -- including sponsors, tracks, and its competition -- and is in no way connected to the heritage of big-time, open wheel racing in North America.

We will continue to champion the heritage that began with North American open wheel racing, and continued with the CART era, and the Champ Car era after that. We will keep our eyes and our ears and our hearts open to all the people hurt by this charade, but we will not be blinded by false history, false statistics, or the false series. remains here as a bastion of truth and the legacy of the REAL North American open wheel tradition.